Video: The Breath of Tantric Love
Learn How to Transform Your Intimate Relationship with Tantric Love
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• Features guided practice and an instructional demonstration
• Allows you to connect with your partner on a spiritual level
• Helps create the perfect setting for shared orgasmic pleasure
• Can expand your perspective on your relationship, sexuality, and spirituality

This ecstatic practice by Steve & Lokita Carter can make all the difference in your life and loving! If you would like to transform your intimate relationship with your partner into a more spiritual and satisfying experience, this program offers a clearly expressed and easy-to-master tantric breathing practice that will enhance your desire, calm your inner spirit, and create the perfect setting for shared expanded orgasmic pleasure.The Breath of Tantric Love teaches a simple yet powerful breathing technique that transforms your love connection into a spiritual experience — every time! Use it at the end of a busy day to reconnect with your partner, before or during lovemaking, or to begin your day in love. This program can help you integrate sex and spirituality into your relationship, which are the foundation for tantric love. Learn how to:
Integrate Sex & Spirituality
Spirituality and sexuality are mutually inclusive. Connect with your partner on a spiritual level while awakening and riding waves of your sexual energy, letting yourself ‘disappear into your partner’ and the moment.
Enhance Passion & Pleasure
Presence is sexy! Breathing and moving together removes distractions. In moments of orgasmic rapture we do not think about our to-do lists! We are fully present to the experience of this moment and each other.
Create Deeper Intimacy
It is easy to forget about the importance of each other in the myriad activities of everyday life. This practice helps you to reconnect and deepen the intimacy that is the foundation of your relationship.
Open your Heart
Our hearts have innate wisdom that thankfully has the power to bypass the rational mind wanting to hold on and control. Use this practice to open your heart and letting your love flow freely.
Program Features
• Introduction to the Breath of Tantric Love
Steve & Lokita Carter speak about the meaning of this ancient practice and how it is beneficial in connecting with your partner, becoming fully present with each other, moving beyond any obstacles in the relationship and becoming one with ourselves, our partner and all. This also includes an introduction to the chakras, or energy centers, and how we can experience more pleasure when we move sexual energy through our whole body.

• Instructional Demonstration
The practice is demonstrated in an abbreviated form and each step is explained in detail.

• Guided Practice
This video is an unabridged version of the practice that can be used to follow along in real-time. Tastefully demonstrated and guided by Steve & Lokita, it is accompanied by an original score for the perfect ambiance.

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