Chakra Wisdom Meditation
An innovative, body-based active meditation by Steve & Lokita Carter for transformation using movement, visualization and ecstatic inquiry.
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Chakra Wisdom, an active meditation designed and guided by Steve & Lokita Carter, creates personal transformation by quieting the mind and reaching the divine through the body. Music, visualization and movement bring awareness to each of the seven chakras, revealing your innate spiritual wisdom. Ask a question and receive clarity and insight from deep within. The powerful music is composed for the rhythm of each chakra — from dynamic to flowing to stillness.
Tap into your Inner Wisdom
Chakra Wisdom is a spiritual practice that empowers us to listen to the divine wisdom within us which is different from the wisdom of our rational mind.
Connect with Body Wisdom
The mind has a certain way of solving problems, but our body and its chakras, or energy centers, are the portals to a higher intelligence.
A Journey of Self Discovery
When we are aware of the chakras they show us the way to more aliveness, vibrancy, physical and spiritual ecstasy in our whole life.
Get Clarity on Issues
Connecting with our body, we gain access to transformational insights that can help us overcome challenges and difficulties.
Instructions for Chakra Wisdom
At the beginning of the meditation the practitioner chooses one question. This same question will be asked while focusing on and moving with each chakra, to receive seven answers. During the meditation the chakras are explained one by one, so that the practitioner can access their innate meaning, function and power to receive an answer related to each energy center. At the end of the meditation the seven answers will be integrated into one complete answer. Chakra meditations often use quiet, New Age type music. This meditation is different in that it uses dance music to get in contact and open the chakras.

1st – upbeat didgeridoo, drums, voice
2nd – slow drum, synthesizer, voice, breath
3rd – high energy drums, voice, cymbas
4th – soft drums, piano, choir vocals
5th – lively drums, vocals, synthesizer
6th – very soft drums, spacious synthesizer
7th – choir vocals, synthesizer
Integration:    piano, ocean waves, chimes
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