SkyDancing® Tantra
Coach & Teacher Training
Frequently Asked Questions
When should I submit my application?
How does the training function for singles? Will singles be partnered up in exercises similar to your regular seminars?
How long does it take to receive a response after I have submitted my application?
If I am not accepted into the SkyDancing Tantra Coach & Teacher Training, what might be the reasons?
If I complete all CTT Modules, will I automatically receive the SkyDancing® Tantra certification?
Apart from other requirements, which Modules must I complete before I can apply for SkyDancing® Tantra certification?
What formalities are involved in SkyDancing® Tantra certification?
Does the SkyDancing® Tantra certification expire?
I will miss Modules 1 and 2. Can I still join Module 4-5?
What are the prerequisites for participation in the Training?
Can I participate in the Love & Ecstasy Training during the year that I am participating in the CTT?
What is the refund and cancelation policy?
What if I have other questions about the SkyDancing Tantra Coach & Teacher Training?