Cassidy Geppert & Mika Smith
Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teachers

Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teachers, Cassidy Geppert & Mika Smith are acclaimed Tantra teachers who co-teach several of our sacred sexuality seminars including the Love & Ecstasy Training and the SkyDancing Tantra Coach & Teacher Training (Module 2).

With over 30 years of combined experience teaching and practicing the healing arts, including Tantra, yoga, massage, breath work, movement, group process and transformational therapy, Cassidy & Mika provide a safe, nurturing and playful environment in their Ecstatic Living seminars that encourage intimacy and expansion.

Passionately committed to the Tantric path, their work enhances their own connection and intimacy as a married couple and supports their intention to live life with hearts wide open. Cassidy says, “One of our wedding vows was to make our relationship a vehicle for positive change in the world. Teaching Tantra is one way in which we fulfill this vow, and we feel honored to offer our collective experiences and knowledge to others.”

Cassidy & Mika believe that all people have the capacity to heal themselves and create positive change in the world, and they see SkyDancing Tantra as a powerful means of doing so.

“Mika and Cassidy’s personal practice and experiences as well as their love for this art shows through clearly in their teaching.”
—Helena M.
“Together, Cassidy & Mika displayed genuine regard for each other that spilled over into setting a safe place for all of us. They were both very accessible throughout the retreat and did an unbelievable job of establishing safety right from the moment they introduced themselves. These two teachers are gems and do an excellent job!!!!”
—Claira, NY
“I do not have enough superlatives in my vocabulary to properly express my feelings about the [Timeless Loving® (Level 2) seminar] with Cassidy Geppert & Mika Smith. So let me say, THANK YOU for providing a space for deep healing and for providing a template of a way of being sexually that is radically different from all I have ever known and offers a path that I have been hoping existed. Blessings.”
—Dr. Walter Crinnion, ND
"The Love & Ecstasy Training Cycle 1 [with Cassidy Geppert & Mika Smith] has opened every channel of my energy source more than I could have hoped for. I am tingly, happy, strong, brave, able to own my emotions within the heightened awareness of my entire body. This training exceeded what I had hoped for, connecting to the inner Goddess and God that is within each of us. I am looking forward to the next 2 cycles of training and living more ecstatically. I want the sizzle in my life — mindful blissfulness in as many moments as I can have. To quote a master, "Riding the wave of bliss during the last third of my life." The best time of my life is yet to come!"
— Deb E., Minneapolis
“Your work continues to be consistently magical. Each time I spend time in one of your workshops, I come away feeling more centered, awake and empowered. Ok, and more beautiful! Each time I also think it couldn’t get any better and then it does!”
—Vicki Reiner, Spiritual Teacher (California)