Holly Rawson & Brian Ahern
Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teachers

Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teachers and acclaimed marriage counselors, Holly Rawson & Brian Ahern are teachers in the SkyDancing Tantra Coach & Teacher Training (Module 4: SkyDancing Tantra Coach Certification).

As a married couple, together for over 40 years, discovering the secrets to relational bliss has been their most inspiring focus. With extensive training and personal experience in a host of psychotherapeutic modalities, Holly & Brian have found the SkyDancing Tantra path to be an extraordinarily effective route to deepening appreciation, love and intimacy in all of their relationships. For over 25 years, Brian trained and supervised master level counselors at Eastern Connecticut State University where he served as Associate Professor. 

Holly & Brian's private practice has always been a reflection of their own growth process. They offer clients the tried and true methods that pass the test of their own personal laboratory. Witnessing and coaching others, in deepening their integrity, truth, authenticity, and delight in each other, has been a source of endless affirmation in the power of love. As parents of grown children who have been some of their greatest teachers, Holly & Brian relish dialoguing with parents about the challenges and gifts that children bring. 

Based in Connecticut, Holly & Brian offer private coaching to couples, as well as workshops, ritual and ceremonies. For more information about Holly & Brian's private coaching practice,visit: ecstaticmarriage.com

“A completely safe space. No judgment. Total permission to be. Holly and Brian are amazing and real.”
—Stephanie Tirado, Registered Nurse
“Holly and Brian have done an excellent job of creating a safe and beautiful space for such an intimate and personal topic. Excellent and informative.”
—Dave Pelto, Program Director
“Holly and Brian have incredible skill as facilitators. We are so surprised by their ability to make the work so accessible, fun, real, sacred, and alive. All we can say is wow!”
—Beth and Perry Murtha-Paradise, Licensed Massage Therapist and Builder