Laurent Lacoste
Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teacher (Europe)

Co-director of SkyDancing Tantra International, Laurent Lacoste teaches with Laurence Heitzmann the Love & Ecstasy Training in France as well as the SkyDancing Tantra Coach & Teacher Training in the USA (Modules 1 and 5).Studying Tantra for over 15 years with various teachers around the world, Laurent is a certified SkyDancing Tantra Teacher and a member of the international team of teachers authorized to teach the Love & Ecstasy Training. Additionally, as an Ayurveda practitioner in Paris, Laurent has found that his extensive knowledge of  Ayurveda has given him unique perspectives and insights into Tantra, which have complimented his SkyDancing Tantra teachings.

Says Laurent, "Tantra is my path of life. Through awareness, I can embrace all facets of my life, realize my utmost potential, and cultivate a state of silent joy—the state of accepting what is."