Michelle Love
SkyDancing Tantra Teacher in Training

Michelle Love is a passionate, driven advocate of expanding one's consciousness and vitality, to achieve personal and professional mastery through the Tantric way of life; connecting the body, mind and Spirit. A much sought after coach & facilitator in Singapore, Malaysia and the USA, Michelle blends modern methods with ancient practices; getting clients to re-examine key areas of life, transforming their ways of being, becoming a 'new observer', thus achieving results they want in life. The more courageous individuals uncover gifts and purpose through the Human Design, I-Ching and Shadow Work. Her clients include individuals, couples, professionals and business people.

Michelle Love has completed the SkyDancing Tantra Coach & Teacher Training and is on track to become a certified SkyDancing Tantra professional. She currently holds an Interim License with SkyDancing Tantra Institute as a SkyDancing Tantra Teacher in training.

"I participated in Michelle’s SkyDancing Tantra Weekend Immersion workshop seeking to better understand what is Tantra and took away more than what I sought. More importantly, I’ve come away with the sense that this is a direction along which I want to continue to journey. Thank you very much, Michelle, for your heartfelt delivery of a well thought through workshop."
—Dr. Lynnette Lim, Singapore
"Attending Michelle Love’s 2 day Weekend workshop was a breakthrough for me in self - intimacy. The power of the techniques thru breath reconnected me with my partner again. The workshop has also taught me to see the beauty of each person and accept anyone, everyone, unconditionally. Most importantly, I finally found what i was looking for.....I now know how to feel, sense, touch and reconnect with myself and with my partner!"
—Ezan Shah, Executive Assistant, Singapore
"I had a wonderful time experiencing, learning, and connecting with the facilitator Michelle. I am so touched by her exceptional organizational efforts. Truly we are blessed with this excellent Tantra facilitator, enriching vibrant spiritual life here."
—Elena Podrezo, Sexological Bodywork Practitioner, Ukraine