Michelle Love
SkyDancing Tantra Coach & Tantra Educator

Certified SkyDancing Tantra Coach and acclaimed Tantra educator in the USA, Singapore and Malaysia, Michelle Love is a graduate of the SkyDancing Tantra Coach & Teacher Training and is a member of the Ecstatic Living teaching faculty.

A passionate advocate of expanding one's potential, awareness and vitality to achieve personal and professional mastery, Michelle blends modern methods with ancient practices to help clients re-examine key areas of their lives —transforming ways of being and limiting beliefs, and learning new perspectives, in order to achieve results. Michelle's clients include individuals, couples, professionals, community leaders and business people.

Brought up as a Buddhist and later, Taoist, Michelle has done extensive work in various arenas. She’s an Ontological Coach with Newfield Network USA, and a certified Usui Reiki Method of Life Energy Renewal Healer. Michelle also studied psychotherapy in the School of Positive Psychology, Singapore (accredited by the UK Council of Psychotherapists), and is an OSHO Meditation Certified Facilitator & Sanyasssin. Michelle also founded the first licensed Osho Meditation Center in Singapore.

"Really nice structure. Steve & Michelle are really caring teachers. I’d recommend this seminar to anyone!"
—Sundar, Acupuncturist, Los Gatos, CA
"Michelle & Steve are loving, caring and expert. I felt safe to be vulnerable and do the deep work."
—Jenny, MFT, Arcata, CA
"What a fabulous safe space that was created for us to drop in and get a real experience of Tantra. Even as a solo participant, I felt I was so connected to the group. Steve & Michelle were wonderful in facilitating the entire process."
—Zahava Moon, CA
"Very amazing, perspective-changing seminar! I have been longing for guidance through meditation, my understanding of sexual energy and that connection to the chakras and I was grateful to learn it here from Steve & Michelle."
—Mekia Williams, Bay Point, CA
"Best ever workshop in my life! Steve & Michelle are simply great at delivering the skills I expected out of the program. If you want to take your love and sex life to the next level, this one is for you."
—Awaneesh, CA
"This seminar was very important to me, and I’m grateful to have experienced it. This seminar is essential to a healthy relationship. Steve & Michelle are wonderful teachers. They supported me, guided me and taught me so much!"
—Maria Yong, Berkeley
"Awesome weekend! I got my money's worth after just Friday evening. Steve and Michelle are miraculous!"
—Carol Mann, CA
"I participated in Michelle’s SkyDancing Tantra Weekend Immersion workshop seeking to better understand what is Tantra and took away more than what I sought. More importantly, I’ve come away with the sense that this is a direction along which I want to continue to journey. Thank you very much, Michelle, for your heartfelt delivery of a well thought through workshop."
—Dr. Lynnette Lim, Singapore
"Attending Michelle Love’s 2 day Weekend workshop was a breakthrough for me in self - intimacy. The power of the techniques thru breath reconnected me with my partner again. The workshop has also taught me to see the beauty of each person and accept anyone, everyone, unconditionally. Most importantly, I finally found what i was looking for.....I now know how to feel, sense, touch and reconnect with myself and with my partner!"
—Ezan Shah, Executive Assistant, Singapore
"I had a wonderful time experiencing, learning, and connecting with the facilitator Michelle. I am so touched by her exceptional organizational efforts. Truly we are blessed with this excellent Tantra facilitator, enriching vibrant spiritual life here."
—Elena Podrezo, Sexological Bodywork Practitioner, Ukraine