Sara & Thomas Stout
Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teachers

Directors of Ecstatic Living — Minnesota, Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teachers Sara & Thomas Stout teach sacred sexuality and conscious relationship seminars in California and Minnesota, together and with other Ecstatic Living teachers.

Married for over 25 years, Sara & Thomas are a powerful teaching team who bring great warmth, insight and humor into their sacred sexuality and conscious relationship workshops. For over two decades, while balancing their lives as parents and working professionals, Sara & Thomas have cultivated what they call "the art of intimate relating", which they beautifully demonstrate through their workshops.

As SkyDancing Tantra teachers, they assert that they are also never-ending students of meditation, sexuality and interpersonal dynamics. With backgrounds in psychotherapy and bodywork, Sara & Thomas bring great care and professionalism to their Tantra teachings.

“I’m grateful for the love and connection you so visibly share with one another. It allowed you to be present with the work, the students and for me when challenging things arose.”
"Your teaching was excellent! Very passionate and knowledgable!"
—M. K. (New York)
“[Sara & Thomas] your workshop helped me with intimacy and my fear of vulnerability. Well worth my time and money as it helped me open doors that I had only previously peeked into.”
—A. C. (Minnetonka, MN)
"[Sara & Thomas] you are very welcoming and the group was chill & warm. It made me happy to be here and I wasn't awkward.”
—Emily H. (Minneapolis, MN)
“I was profoundly moved by the loving energy of Sara & Thomas as teachers and as a long time married couple. They are caring, very open and clear communicators.”
—C. M. (Ohio)
“You are amazing! You were grounded, loving, skillful and personal in your explanations. I liked most that Sara & Thomas brought in their own practical and personal experiences.”
—Meenal K. (Ventura, CA)
“[Thomas & Sara are] as group leaders, you are very special and you create a safe space. I can't think of how you could improve. I thought it was awesome and I've taken a lot of workshops.”
—Sam S. (Minneapolis, MN)
“[Thomas & Sara's] embodiment of these teachings was truly touching and makes the experience much more rewarding.”
—A. B. (San Francisco, CA)