Pura Vida Retreat
Yelapa, Mexico

Pura Vida Wellness Retreat is a secluded ocean-front resort located in the tropical paradise of Yelapa, Mexico (a small beach town near Puerto Vallarta which is just a 2-hour direct flight from Los Angeles or 3-hour direct flight from San Francisco).

Overlooking the Yelapa bay, Pura Vida Wellness Retreat offers a variety of beautiful accommodations offering breathtaking jungle and ocean views. Built in modern Palapa style, accommodations offer organic and hypoallergenic beds and bedding, soft white LED lighting (good for your eyes and overall health) and are beautifully furnished with authentic Mexican furniture and artifacts to fit the unique design of each space.

Surrounding Pura Vida Wellness Retreat are many paths to explore nature, the beach, and the Yelapa bay. For meditative Vipassana walks, Pura Vida offers a spiritual labyrinth in its zen garden. Pura Vida in Yelapa is a gem.

Travel Arrangements

Once you fly into Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (a common international destination which is just a 2-hour flight from Los Angeles or a 3-hour flight from San Francisco), a 30-minute taxi from the Puerto Vallarta airport followed by a 45-minute water taxi will bring you to the Yelapa beach town. Once there, it's just a short walk to the beautiful Pura Vida Wellness Retreat. Further logistical information is provided upon registration.

No workshops are currently scheduled. For other workshops, please check our events calendar.